No One Knows (7/2/2023)

No One Knows (7/2/2023)

All the Universe is burned by the fire of sorrow,

but sorrow’s fire is not apparent.

Who has ever seen the shape of this fire?

No one.


The power of His amber is pulling me everywhere.

I wonder. Has anyone ever seen the One who is pulling me?

No one.


There is sema, but no music.

There is wine, but no color.

Goblet after goblet of wine is being served.

Who is the one holding the garnet?

No one knows.


Love is playing with a whip.

I am like a bottle in His hand.

He threw the bottle and broke it into pieces.

Did anyone’s feet get hurt?



There are so many sheiks,

so many disciples on this road.

But, once you arrive at the stage of Union,

there are no sheiks, no disciples.


Bayazid’s shadow is the one

which is searched for among the people,

but the essence of Bayazid is no where around.


Give good news to lovers.

The celebration of Union is coming.

This is such a celebration

that neither the month of fasting

nor the celebration which breaks fasting

is here.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 21, Ghazal 111, verses 1205-1211, pages 246-247.

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