No Peer (12/12/2021)

No Peer (12/12/2021)

Never mind all of this.

How can You be with us?

You are completely soul.

You don’t fit in time and space.


You have gone a hundred years beyond time and space.

You are in the waves of greatness.


You have cut the neck of whims and fancies,

have separated from the desires of Your self.


You have turned completely into the desire,

the longing of the Beloved’s heart.


You have surrendered to Him.

You have given Your submission.

You have earned this content.


I have given up all of them, too.

How are You, O my soul?

Because right now, You have become mighty with magic.


You are casting hundreds of spells on us.

You appear to the world in hundreds of different ways.


Sometimes, You appear like a dungeon or a well.

At others, You appear like a rose garden,

becoming a Beauty who enlightens hearts.


The thing which you make into a snake

You also make into the branch of a tree

and also a staff.


Everything in Your hands is a chameleon.

Men are like that.

Animals and plants are like that, too.


Sometimes You resemble the Nile.

At others, you appeared clothed in blood.

Sometimes you appear as night.

Then, You turn into bright day.


Everyone’s fear has been relieved with that hope:

“You open the contrary with every pair of opposites.”


I have a few questions for You.

Please give me Your explanations.

When we are in trouble, our hope is with You.


Since You are the front, You are also the back

from where these worlds of loyalty and disloyalty come.


The second one is that,

O One who has no peer.

Aren’t You a salve to cure squinting?

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 19, Ghazal 286, verses 2988-3002, pages 158-160.

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