How Wonderful is the Kingdom of Love! (4/21/19)

O Kingdom of Love (4/21/19)

O Kingdom of Love which opens hearts in the world!

O one who has had good fortune, been honored

by the secret of “God does what He pleases!”


O the joy that is hidden in the torment of Love!

How wonderful, how wonderful is the Kingdom of Love!


O Love’s face which is more Soul than soul!

O Kingdom of Love which is better than any position, even better than soul!


I have been freed from worshipping, from ostentation.

I understand that their source is the Kingdom of Love.


If the sun turns from one place to the other, it is not from separation.

The Kingdom of Love takes off from one place and settles into another.


They say that in the end, our good fortune

will be the arrival of Love.


I close my mouth, because the Kingdom of Love

has opened its wing in the heart of God’s people.


Praying is like a basket of rushes. That kingdom is for Abraham.

But, Love’s Kingdom doesn’t fit in any basket.


Love is Union. Here, there is no duality.

Either you exist or Love exists.

That’s it. That’s what it is.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 9, Gazal 71, Verses, 715-723.

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