Paradise (3/5/2023)

Paradise (3/5/2023)

O my heart-catching, life-taking Beauty

whose face is more beautiful than the moon,

since You have become my friend,

the light of my heart has burst out of my mouth flame after flame.


My heart has become garnet thanks to Your sun.

This muddy body of mine has changed entirely into heart.


Your Soul and mine are the same.

Even so, come closer. Press Your chest over mine.


When I wondered whose shadow had fallen on my head,

Your kindness replied, “Mine, Mine, Mine.”


Because of You, this troubled world has become Paradise for me.

What Your kindness will make of my other world for me, who knows?


Your hand became my crown once you touched my head.

Your hair is now the belt around my waist.


Love took my purse.

“What are You doing?” I asked.

He answered, “My endless treasures are enough for you.”


Once I didn’t have any money, my heart started trembling like a leaf.

“Don’t worry,” He said. “You have entered into the harem of My Mercy.


“I will hug you so tightly that you will be saved

from existence and non-existence as well.

You will hear My players and singers all night long.


“I will have you reach Union, making you endlessly drunk.

Then, you will believe in My immortal pleasures.


“The breath of My spring turns the heart towards the rose garden.

My ruby-colored wine turns the face towards the rose.”

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 21, ghazal 52, verses 544-554, pages 110-111.

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