Prayer for Peace (11/29/15)

Prayer for Peace 11/29/15
Prayer for Peace (11/29/15)

I want peace from You. understanding and union.

You showed me a sign, said something about peace yesterday.

The soul became so happy, so cheerful that it started singing and playing.

That is his most important job, to sing songs about peace.

Is there anything more important than that?


When the soul is angry with someone, the world becomes a jail for him.

When does the idea of getting along with the body

Come to the soul, O my God?


When you’re angry with someone, you head somewhere else.

But, if your head is angry with you, what happens to peace?


If my heart should kiss the hand of union while searching for You,

At that time it would also kiss the dust and keep kissing.


The goodness which the body does is always from the kindness of the soul.

Whenever I have been generous, this has been the generosity of peace.


I have cried like winter rain. I have no leaves no fruits.  I am naked, new.

I want to dress in the kaftan of peace and roar suddenly.


I would be a Sultan.

In order to become the Sultan of Sultans, I will do favors, even for the moon.

I will smile when I see the face of peace.


O Soul of hundreds of gardens and hundreds of greens,

Come, give Your honor to this country.

When there is no room for peace because of my bad thoughts, bad measures,

Even then, be kind to me.


Come, give this charm to the earth from unthinkable, unbelievable spring.

That way, there won’t be a fog of grief in the sky of peace.


It isn’t good to have these fights and struggles against the sea of Soul.

It isn’t good to do evil things, to try and boast

Against the greatness of peace.


O one who does things beyond modesty, be silent.

Don’t say one thing with the tip of your lips

So that the prayer for peace becomes modest.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 1, Gazel 148, verses 1944-1955, pages 369-370

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