Beyond Existence and Absence (11/22/15)

Beyond Existence and Absence (11-22-15)
Beyond Existence and Absence (11-22-15)

Wines have been offered from the Sun of happiness to me.

The cells of my body have become a knob on the door of the tavern.

Come, watch the face of our Sun; that face is the Garden of Eden.

Stay in the shade of His hair which is divided in the middle;

That shade is heaven.

He did favors to the earth and sky, kindly ordered them to come.

Earth and sky became drunk with that order;

They passed out of themselves.


The place where the Sultan set His throne is beyond existence and Absence.

The place for the matters of existence and Non-existence

Is hundreds of thousands of years away from there.


Thousands of doors of pleasure are opened in the heart.

Hurry up, because it is no good to delay this business.


There are lives there that create living,

Because the Sultan of Truth is not the king to be checkmated.


There are ones who ascend to heaven each moment

From the ladder of the heart.

Look at the glasses full of blood: That is the evidence.


In the air of Shems of Tebriz,

The subject can  be neither mills nor talking about the sky.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 5,6. 7a, Gazel 36, verses 399-406, pages 143-144




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