Submerged in the Heart (7/29/18)

Submerged in the Heart (7/29/18)

Is there anyone who is not involved in my daily work?

Who is the one who hasn’t given his soul to the Beloved’s way?


Is there any head like mine which doesn’t become drunk?

Is there any heart like mine which doesn’t cry, moan and groan?


I have turned around the whole world searching for strangers.

In the end, I have come to understand very well that there are no strangers.


All these earthly works go contrary to one another.

But, all these works come from one work.


Rest assured, the one who complains that there is no Beloved who attracts the heart

is submerged in the heart, yet still looking for the heart.


All customers are only one person.

No one has ever escaped from this bazaar.


The one who sees the essence of the rose garden

understands that there are no thorns there.


There was a jar made of ice that contained water.

The ice melted. It all became water.

No trace is left of the jar.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 11, Gazel 28 (Terci-Bend, 1st section), Pages 61-62.     


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