That Beautiful Sea of Heart (11/8/15)

That Beautiful Sea of Heart (11-8-15)
That Beautiful Sea of Heart (11-8-15)

Understand this well:

The work of the mind belongs in the basement.

Even if the mind becomes Plato in knowledge,

It still remains outside of the palace.



The ecstasy of Love is a hundred thousand times better

Than whole universes full of mind,

Because the mind handles the problems of head and body.

But, Love has no head, no body.


The one who has a head naturally fears for his head.

But, the lion of battle doesn’t feel fear.


The thread of Love passes through the needle’s eye

Because it has no head, has no accessories.


The needle becomes a guide to Love,

Puts it on the road, tears it to pieces,

Then sews the pieces together, unifies them,

Makes them into one piece.


Quit talking about needle and thread; they are small, delicate things.

Talk about the Moses of Soul whose hand gleams and shines.


Talk about that beautiful sea of heart; tell stories about that.

It is such a sea that one drop of it creates hundreds of oceans.


You are at the top of the sea like a basin,

But you are not aware of that sea.

Take a look and see:

Waves rock you back and forth every minute.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 5,6. 7a, Gazel 46, verses 527-535, pages 166-167


  1. Chris says:

    I love this! It’s like a reminder to stop over analyzing everything which is definitely something I need. Thanks for posting this.

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