That Brings Results (4/25/2021)

As Long As… (4/25/2021)

The parrot came to the tree to share sugar’s prayer.

The rose asked the nightingale to read poetry.


Receiving a revelation, the tall green cypress said,

“As long as your soul stays in your body,

put a belt on your waist. Serve day and night.

That brings results.


From the Moon to the fish, everything does its rosary.

But, the Beloved is the Master and says it in a better way.


When He is is the One giving the lesson,

when it is His perspective being revealed,

stones cry and the sky begs.

Hundreds of gifts come from the throne of God.


When the One who scatters ambergris

starts telling the story of the early morning breeze,

you will see thousands of silver bodies

opening their chests and hearts and submerging into Him.


When He explains the heart, whose heart could possibly remain?

When He gives news, who could possibly have news about himself?


He is the One who talks about the Love of the soul,

who talks about passengers,

who explains to the head how to become grateful

and who tells the story of the heart’s blood.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 15, Ghazal 46, verses 531-537, pages 104-105.

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