Conversation with the Beloved (10/4/15)

Conversation with the Beloved (10/4/15)
Conversation with the Beloved (10/4/15)

O torch for night passengers!

O chain for crazy lovers!

O direction of prayer for everyone!

O my Caravan Master!


You are a brigand and, at the same time, a guide,

A moon and, at the same time, Jupiter.

You are on this side and, at the same time, on the other one,

The corner where I stand, the place on which I rely.


You are the Moses of my Mount Sinai,

The Jesus who cures all my illnesses.

You are the halo of my light.

You are my Prophet Mohammed.


You tell me, “Jump over to this side.”

“How can I come to Your temple?” I ask.

You answer, “O my deceitful one, O my creature,

Don’t try to find excuses.”


I say, “You are a treasure that can’t be measured,

One who deserves Sultans.

“Yes,” He answers, “but it is not free. I want soul, special soul.”

I say, “I agree; take the weight from me.”


If you want treasure, put up your head.

If you want Love, give your soul.

Come in rank.  Don’t return,

O my hero who attacks back and forth like a lion.

Selected verses from the Divan-i Kebir, Volume 1, Gazel 88, page 208-209





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