On the Journey to Love (9/27/15)

On the Journey to Love (9/27/15)
On the Journey to Love (9/27/15)

O One who has become an admonition to my eyes!

The eyes of all the ones who came before or will come after

Have never seen a Love like this.

Many times I’ve become stone, many times pearl.

I’ve become a believer, then a disbeliever.

In this appeal, in this transformation,

Sometimes I have been the head, sometimes the feet.


I’ll go out of myself for one single day, give up good and bad

And start naming the attributes of God,

The One whom everyone needs,

The One who doesn’t need anyone.


O Owner of this watering sky,

My soul hasn’t gotten any joy from it,

O my rose-faced One, O my rose garden,

My heaven and my flowers!


What is the night? Hundreds of years have passed

And this fire hasn’t been extinguished; this hell hasn’t cooled down.

I’ve turned into water with my shame,

But this fire keeps burning.


Every moment I become younger,

Keep hiding from myself.

This sound, straight kingdom

Makes me more beautiful, more attractive.


Since I’m part of the Soul, I’ll be the whole Soul.

Since I’m the thorn of the rose, I’ll be the rose.

I’ve become, “we have heard.””

At the time my Beauty transforms me from one stage to another,

I’ll become the words, “to tell.”


O one who claps his hands for me, don’t be confused.

O one who plays for me, don’t be tired.

There will be a day

When my Sultan will ask for your excuses.


There will be a day when you’ll be His drunk.

There will be a day when you’ll kiss His hand,

A day when you’ll be scattered like my turban.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 1, Gazel 99, verses 1245-1253

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