Enough for Us (7/26/2020)

Enough for Us (7/26/2020)

What is night, what is day for us

as long as He is in our heart?

He is the One who burns our heart.


It doesn’t matter if the sun rises or sets.

Our Beauty who enlightens and adds Soul to our soul

is enough for us.


Don’t teach wailing and crying

to the one whose mother has died.

Our Beloved who taught us Love is the best.


Don’t sew, don’t repair our mantle.

The sheik who sews the mantle is not good for us.


Everyone wants to be on top of the enemy.

Yet, the enemy’s beautiful face is our superiority.


Everyone searches for a fortune, searches to find treasure.

Love, which adds trouble to troubles,

is enough for us.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 17, Ghazal 5, verses 59-64, page10.

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