Greetings of the Heart (1/22/2023)

Greetings of the Heart (1/22/2023)

In order to hear the greetings of the heart,

I knocked on its door one night.


The glitter of that moonlight reflected on the eye and heart of the road.

After that, the brilliance sparkled endlessly.


The quarters of the heart are filled by the light

which comes from the heart’s face.

For the heart, the Moon and Sun are nothing but worthless glasses.


If Universal Intelligence had any sense,

it would become a slave and servant of the heart.

The heart has already caught reason and the mind in its trap.


These greetings from the heart brought an uproar from the sky.

People broke their chains.

Existence took a torch from the heart’s hand.


The light came from there, illuminating everything, everywhere.

He, the Ever Watchful, the Ever Living was lit,

as well as His great Ark.

Even the soul sat at its door and admired looking at the roof of the heart.


Here is a short statement:

The heart is entirely a gaze, a sight.

The language of the heart is spoken only in silence.


The nine levels of the sky

are only two steps for the heart.

The whole of existence is helplessly drunk –

all for the heart.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 21, Ghazal 32, verses 308-315, pages 62-63.

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