I am the One to be Blamed (2/25/2024)

I am the One to be Blamed (2/25/2024)

I felt the enemy’s nonsensical talk

down deep in my heart.

I learned what he was thinking about me.


His dog self bit my foot, hurting me.

But, I could not bite him back like a dog.

Instead, I just bit my lips.


I have reached the secret of mind reading.

Why should I brag if I have learned my enemy’s secrets?


I am the one to be blamed.

I was the one who brought that scorpion close to me,

putting him next to my feet. Knowingly.


Just like Satan, that scorpion sees only the shape of humans.

I swear to God

that that scorpion doesn’t see me.


Why have I turned my back on people?

Please, tell friends

that since that snake bit my leg,

I am scared of even a piece of black rope.


I entered from the secret road

to the hearts of the Ones who remain in silence,

their lips ad eyes closed.


There is a hidden road between hearts.

I did go down that road,

gathering gold and silver from the treasures of hearts.


That dog, that scorpion, that snake has a heart like a stokehole,

and I threw the carcass of a dead donkey into it.

Yet, I picked roses and jasmine

from the heart which resembles a rose garden.


I only hint at the goodness or badness of friends.

And, I cover my thoughts, conceal them with the best of curtains.


My heart suddenly reached the Greatest of great hearts,

the One who knows everything.

My heart started to flutter in front of such Majesty.


O snake, you are happy as you are.

Why did you come to me?

Go away.

For you, I am neither sheikh nor disciple.


For you, O brother,

I am neither copper nor real gold.

Throw me out of your door.

I am neither the lock nor the key.


Even better, forget whatever I have said.

If I had thought about it,

I never would have bothered

saying it in the first place.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 22, Ghazal 25, verses 229-242, pages 54-56.

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