I Give Everything (7/10/16)

Give Everything (7/10/16)
I Give Everything (7/10/16)

Do not be ashamed, O hopeless lover.

Come and be a person who can see things along with their Essence.

Do not be the one who looks at everything, but never sees Essence.



O one who is only in love with Him, learn this from the stars:

When the sun rises, the stars disappear, become invisible.


Do you know why the ones who have knowledge and power have tied your hands?

You are a baby now.  This world is a cradle.


He pierced the pearls of words and said,

“Have we not made the earth like a cradle,*

O one who has been nailed to this world, O vagabond of the city of heart?”


O well-mannered, well-behaved one, why do you stay the prisoner of your body?

Resist.  Show the teeth of your mind, keep eating the blessing.


The nanny makes everything unbearable to the Sultan as long as he does not grow up.

The child will not become a Sultan, cannot drink wine

Unless he has been weaned from his mother’s milk.


The jug is afraid of the stone,

But once the stone becomes a fountain,

The jug keeps coming back to the stone every moment,


That jug saying, “I will be happy even if this stone  breaks me,

Because the water which comes from this stone has given me a hundred lives.”


I die on His way.  No matter.

He has brought me life before.  He will do it again.

I give everything to be broken to pieces by Him.

*Koran 73:6.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 3, Gazel 153, Verses 1448-1456, Pages 263-264



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