It Is Worth It Today (9/4/16)

It Is Worth It Today (9/4/16)
It Is Worth It Today (9/4/16)

It has been like an entire life for us to have seen Your face since early dawn.

Today, Your beautiful face has become even more beautiful.

How nicely You catch our heart.



You have a different beauty on Your face today.

Whatever that crazy lover does, it is worth it today.


After seeing You, the one who was advising us yesterday

Apologized today.


We don’t have enough eyes; we should have hundreds more.

We could borrow some from someone,

But who has the eyes able to see You?


For several days our heart has had a funny feeling.

It seems that we may have the good luck

To reach the Kingdom on a day like this.


If we say, “This is human,” we are shamed by Love.

If we say, “This is God,” we become afraid of God.


Our eyebrows keep twitching; our heart beats rapidly.

We didn’t know we would be destined for such glory.


We move more than the trees in this garden and meadow,

Because we are the tree of fortune and glory.

The morning wind breezes through our head.


What will happen to the tree to which You have given leaves?

The bird of good luck nestles on a stranger’s head.

How is that stranger?


Out of obstinacy to the blind one who says the shadow is separated from the tree,

We are wandering around the shadow of Your sun.


The soul yells and screams, “What a fiery love!”

Since he has stayed with You, the fountain of life is also with him.


When Your specter passes by the heart’s neighborhood,

Our heart will come out of the door asking, “Where is Soul?”


The earth will be illuminated and adorned so much by the moon

That when you look at the ground, you will see Venuses by the thousands

And a thousand suns as well.


Look through the window of our heart. Shine like a sun there,

So that the sky will not say, “That moon has no loyalty.”


Our neck is bent with grief. That is why our words are coming out twisted.

But, we are straight as an arrow when it comes to Your Love.

That is the whole truth.


The picture of Tebriz is inscribed on our heart

Because it is the kible* of acceptance there —

The house where prayers are answered.

*Direction Muslims face to pray.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 4, Gazel 16, Verses 2483-2498, Pages 33-34.

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