Leave Him Alone. Let Him Go. (8/26/18)

Leave Him Alone. Let Him Go. (8/26/18)

I yelled, “Where is that drunk heart going?”

The Sultan of sultans said,

“Be silent. He is coming to our side.”


I said, “You are with me. You breathe inside of me.

Yet, where on the outside is my bewildered heart going?”


He answered, “What you call your heart is our property, our possession, our Rostam.*

I said, “He is going to fight for the wrong image.”


He answered, “Wherever he goes, destiny goes in that direction.

Leave him alone. Let him go.


“Sometimes he plunges like the sun into the treasure of the Earth.

Sometimes he ascends to the sky like the praying of the Prophet.


“Sometimes he offers the milk of kindness from the breast of the clouds.

Sometimes he goes like the morning breeze to the soul’s rose garden.


“Follow the footsteps of your heart

and watch how grass and flowers grow and rivers flow.


“The One who gives form and shape to this Earth

has no shape, no form.

He is everyone’s hands and feet, yet He walks without hands and feet.


“Even if He commits a wrong, it is still the right of rights.

Even if He behaves cruelly, His is the best loyalty.


“The heart resembles a window.

The house has light because of that.

The body goes towards nothing,

but the heart goes towards immortality.


“The heart goes alone, but instigates much,

sheds the blood of sultans.

He merges with everyone.


“He has created the spell of God which appears on everyone’s heart.

He has stolen the purse of Gemini.

The heart is going like the star of Ursa Major.


“It is stupid to try to protect that purse, O heart.

That purse has been pulled from the heart’s hand.

The soul is going after the One who grabbed that purse.”


“You are a sorcerer,” I said.

He laughed and replied,

“Magic doesn’t work when God is mentioned.”


“Yes,” I said “Your spell is God’s spell.

That beautiful spell works through fate and destiny.”


The Beloved has a constant affair with the heart.

It is not even hidden.

Look at it.

It is right here, passing in front of you.


This is the horse of the water carrier.

This is the sound of, “Come in.”

He keeps calling outside,

‘”The water carrier’s horse is moving!”

*Rostam  A Persian king who became a legendary mythological hero with great power.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 10, Gazel 35, Pages 80-82, Verses 392-408.  

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