Look (11/1/2020)

Look (11/1/2020)

O soul who has been caught in the hook of the body,

look at the fisherman.

Don’t look at the fish hook.


In the beginning, you were of that same origin.

Look at that origin.

Don’t look at this display.


Look at the endless rose garden.

Don’t look at the thorns which hurt your feet.


Don’t bother looking at the raven

which once flew away from your hand.

Look at that stately bird

which casts a shadow on you.


Ascend to the sky like the cypress, like the ear of corn.

Don’t look down like the violet.


Since the Water of Life has started flowing in your creek,

Don’t look at the broken jar and pitcher.


Give your essence to the One

who created essence and drunkenness.

Don’t cry over poverty.

Don’t look at wealth.


Watch and see. Contentment is a fast-moving thing.

Don’t look at the greed of man.


Look at the purified ones who run up to the sky.

Don’t look at the sediment which has fallen to the bottom.


Look at the world full of divine features.

Don’t look at the form which closes off your way.


Don’t look at the owl which has escaped from Love’s trap.

Look at the beautiful birds who are in Love’s trap.


There is another One who speaks better than you do from this trap.

He keeps silent now.

But, don’t be fooled by His silence.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 17, Ghazal 87, verses873-884, pages 150-151.

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