Love’s Charm is Different (10/8/2023)

Love’s Charm is Different (10/8/2023)

“Immortality of the soul” is only a rumor coming from the sages.

There is no better end for Love’s presence

than Love itself.


I hear thanks coming from everyone.

That is always the situation as long as people are happy.

Don’t pay any attention to the ones who complain.


Love is such a moon that His every side is a face.

Even the moon is jealous of Love.

But, Love just wishes happiness for everyone.


Love’s charm is different every morning.

His beauty is everywhere.

His every step brings new wonder.

Every breath is a new grace and kindness.


Love comes to help the soul

when the soul’s beauty goes beyond.

But, Love never protects the evil eye.


The sky’s back is bent like a lover’s in searching for Love,

because Love’s beauty is a peerless beauty.


Every dawn, the Sun plants his spear,

raising the morning flag.

There is the light of Love’s face.


When Love leads the way, the soul reaches comfort.,

looks down from the sky and says,

“What a beautiful city.”


God said to Love,

“If it weren’t for Your beauty,

I wouldn’t create the mirror of existence.”


The tree was there before.

The fruit comes after.

But, the fruit has a higher rank than the tree.


How long will you be talking?

For your soul’s sake, don’t say anything more.

Your heart is suffering because of all your talk.


The ones who prefer solitude have already run away.

They have gotten rid of their food,

because silence is the strength and support of the drunk.


Although the song of the nightingale is medicine for lovers,

remain silent.

Love will give you some stronger medicine.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 21, Ghazal 94, verses 1014-1026, pages 206-207.

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