Our Peace is No Good (5/6/18)

Our Peace is No Good (5/6/18)

There is a Beauty whose face resembles the Sun.

The nicest curtain is the shadow cast by Him.


He rises like the Sun. Particles become restless.

For goodness sake, don’t keep that Spring-like face behind the curtain.


Get up. Today is our day.

Today is a day which shines and enlightens our hearts.

Love is so fiery, so flashy simply in order to burn us.


Get up. We are freed, untied. The bonds have been broken.

We are plunged into the drunkenness that has no hangover.

We have become drunk today.


Get up. Soul has come. The universe has come.

O heart, submit yourself.

He has come by clapping his hands.


The Fountain of Life has come. The Day of Salvation has come.

Sugar has come. Honey has come.

That Beauty who scatters sugar and honey has come.


I an a slave, a servant to that curtain.

I pretended I was deaf. I wanted the doorkeeper to put his mouth to my ear.


When he saw my trick, he pulled his own trick on me.

“You little devil,” he said, and bit my ear.


Such an ill-mannered one is very good, because he is forced to fight.

I won’t stay away from the Beloved because of fights and struggles.


In any case, this life is our fight, because it has no constancy.

Our fight is the sweetest of the sweet.

Our peace is no good.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 10, Gazel 46, Verses 509-518, Pages 105-106.

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