Pay Attention (5/29/2022)

Pay Attention (5/29/2022)

Even if your heart becomes tired and frustrated,

there is no way to get out of this journey.


Relax. Don’t shake your head from left to right.

Get going. Quit being lazy.


Otherwise, they will drag you along.

There is a guard on every corner.

Enemies are everywhere.


You are not at home. Where are you?

People’s thoughts are in the hands of an ogre.


But, there are other magicians who bewitch the magicians.

They control the hearts of others.


Don’t look around with confused eyes.

Pay attention  to Essence,

so that you won’t be without it at the time of your death.


Read the verse,

“We who have sent down the Remembrance,”

and be grateful.

because the Sun has come down to the Earth from on high.


We are not talking about the Sun which burns the face

or which sets at night.


Don’t complain so much, because the Beloved is near, close,

so close that it is said, “He is inside of you.”


Even God has been concealed, but still appears.

There are miracles.

There are honest witnesses who can confirm that.


He said, “Man is ever hasty.

But, don’t be hasty. Be patient.”


“Oh God, scatter patience on our heads.

Don’t make our feet slip on the surface of this Earth.”

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 9, Terci-Bend 76, verses 755-767. pages 116-117.

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