Plunge into God’s Sea (7/30/2023)

Plunge into God’s Sea (7/30/2023)

The Beloved came with that wine glass like a torch in His hand.

“Come,” He said. “Be my friend.”

“How nice,” I answered. “I will, right away.”


His is such a glass of wine

that its brilliance would dazzle the eyes of Jupiter.

Its smell would make Virgo dance.


The mountain weighs less because of it.

The brain becomes heavier for the same reason.

The soul is happy to carry its jar.

The mind breaks that spouted pitcher.


That wine rejuvenates the weary.

It gives sense to the ignorant.

It is such a wine that it comes from nowhere,

waylaying a thousand caravans.


It is the guide to evil.

It is the one which makes the right one lose his way.

It is the essence of Beauties.

It is the origin of every yell and scream.


Whoever drinks, whether they are good or bad,

becomes drunk forever.

Whoever doesn’t drink ends up

in the place of troubles and struggles

without even knowing it.


O hard-hearted heart,

plunge into God’s sea and drown.

Drink God’s wine. Be annihilated.

Be nourished by God’s water.


Whoever falls into His hope

will be saved from death.

He will acquire the thing I mentioned before.

That would be the greatest place for you.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 21, Ghazal 83, verses 909-916, pages 185-186.

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