See Absence (2/18/18)

See Absence (2/18/18)

Don’t be deceived when destiny raises you high.

Don’t brag, because before you are dropped by destiny,

you must first be raised.


How can a lamb be sacrificed

until a drop of semen comes out from a creature

and becomes that lamb?


Grains of sand gather together until they become a mountain.

Nobody hits such a moutain with a crowbar.


Unless you have a neck, you can never have an iron bar pressed against it.

Feet are not tied unless they become walking feet.


The words “My mercy is greater than My punishment”

are poison to the one who is used to eating sugar.


It can never be a big towering fire

until the small plant grows to become a big tree.


Don’t look for grandeur. Don’t be brutal.

Have fruits like a small bunch of grapes.

Nobody gathers thorns in order to harvest dates.


Big trees are grown for small fruits.

The trees are enormous while the fruits appear tiny.


The heart resembles the saints who are the pillar of the Earth.

Without doubt, the body stands only because of the heart.


The power and strength of this body depends on an invisible heart.

How long will you be denying Absence?

Look to Absence. See Absence.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 10, Gazel 23, Verses 228-237, Pages 48-49.




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