The Lesson of Silence (9/6/2020)


Who is the doctor of the disease which has no cure?

Who is our company for this endless journey?


If this is reason, what is craziness?

If this is Love, who is the Beloved?


Where is the light which illuminates the world,

which is neither faith nor blasphemy?


The Sea of Absence is filled with pearls.

Which one is the pearl of humanity?


Everyone is dressed with the dress of a slave.

Among those creatures, who is the Sultan?


There is no health in this world.

Everywhere is sickness.

Where is the office of Love’s doctor?


Reason is frustrated by thoughts.

Whose head is on straight?

Whose head is dizzy?


The beauty of the idol house searches and searches.

Where are the rules of how to do that?


Why have you made this gossip your kible?

Let’s look at the lesson of silence.

*kible  In the Muslim tradition, the direction of prayer.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 17, Ghazal 39, verses 393-401, pages 66-67.

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