So That’s That (6/17/18)

So That’s That (6/17/18)

Tonight, take my soul completely from this poor body.

Take it out, so I will have no name, no fame in this world.


I am Your drunk at this moment.

Give me one more cup, so both worlds will be abolished from my eyes.

So that’s that.


If I am annihilated by Your favor, I will become whatever You want.

I will pick up the glass of Absence and drink wine, glass after glass.


If a soul burns because of You, it lights candles, enlightens the world,

shines with Your divine light.

But, the one who has not been burned by You is very raw, very immature.


Offer me the wine of Absence in this very moment.

Once I am plunged into Absence, I will notice neither the house nor the roof.


When the Absence which comes from You adds souls to Soul,

the soul prostrates hundreds of times to You.

When Absence comes from You,

thousands of existences become slaves, servants to that Absence.


Free me from my existence. Give me a cup of wine.

Wine is a blessing for special people. The mind belongs to the ordinary.


Make waves in Absence that snatch me, carry me off.

How long will I keep walking on the shore of the sea with fear?


The trap of my sultan, Shemseddin, hunted me in Tebriz.

Since I have been caught, why should I be afraid of the trap?

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 10, Gazel 74, Verses 772-780, Pages 160-161.

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