The Dust Raised Up by Words (11/4/18)

The Dust Raised Up by Words (11/4/18)

Don’t give water to me. I want to be Your thirsty one.

Make me Your lover. Take away my sleep.


O One whose beautiful image has become the Mihrab* for me,

I will keep doing Namaz** every day and night.


If I could find Your image in Absence,

I would quickly run to death.


I am staging a hold-up on the caravan of reason

with the hope of finding the One who causes reason.


Have mercy on me. Act like a sultan.

I cannot endure Your separation.


I became a water wheel for the Fountain of Life.

For that reason, I keep turning and crying at the same time.


You are my sun. You are my moonlight.

That is why I open my heart and eyes.


When I heard Your name, my name and fame

both became drunk and disappeared.


My heart jumps up and down like mercury

in front of Your fire.


Enough. Give up words.

I cannot see the One who talks

because of the dust raised up by words.

*Mihrab  The niche in a mosque indicating the direction of Mecca.

**Namaz  Ritual prayers.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 12, Gazel 63, Page 114-115, Verses 670-679.

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