The Light Calling Out (1/3/2021)

The Light Calling Out (1/3/2021)

I don’t know how I became annihilated from that wine.

I don’t know where I am because of the beauty of placelessness.


Once I was at the bottom of the sea.

but then I rose like the sun.


Sometimes I made the Earth pregnant.

Sometimes, I was born and appeared like the Earth.


While the soul was eating candy like an ostrich,

I suddenly became drunk and bit the parrot.


I arrived somewhere

which cannot be contained in whole universes.

Now, I am only suited for that Beloved.


I am the craziness in all of God’s crazy drunks

and confused, lost in the middle of them.


You ask me, “Why don’t you come back to yourself?”

I answer, “Show me myself which I should come back to.”


The shadow of the legendary Huma bird caresses me so much

that you’d think I was the Huma and it was the shadow.


I saw Love. It was drunk, saying,

“I am trouble. I am trouble, trouble.”


The response came from everywhere, wholeheartedly,

“I am Yours. I am Yours, Yours.


You are the light calling out to Moses,

“I am God. I am God, God.”


I asked, “O Shems of Tebriz, who are You?”

He answered, “I am you. I am you, you.”

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 18, Ghazal 136, verses 1339-1349, pages 56-57.


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