The Longing Inside of You Is for You (10/1/17)

The Longing for You Is for You (10/1/17)

Love is not knowledge or superiority.

Love is not in books or papers.

The words of people are mere gossip.

Love is not like that.



Know this very well:

The branches of Love are in the world of immortality.

Its roots are in eternity.

This tree leans neither towards the ninth level of heaven nor towards the Earth.

This tree has no trunk.


We have kicked our mind off the job and beaten our desires,

because that mind and those desires don’t deserve such greatness.


The longing inside of you is for You.

Make sure of it: When you become the Beloved, longing will cease.


The man in the sea grabs the wood of hope, tries to hang onto it.

But, when man and wood disappear, nothing but plunging into the sea remains.


O Shams of Tebriz, you are the sea, the pearl,

because all of your being is nothing but the Secret of the Almighty.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 8a, Gazel 32, Verses 273-278, Page 58.


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