The Soul Keeps Flying (3/22/2020)

The Soul Keeps Flying (3/22/2020)

Come soon, so we can throw off the mantle of our body

and, in that moment, demolish and flatten the house of our existence.


Gamble with your life. Lose all your belongings. Quit playing with dirt.

We have one life.

We want to gamble right now and lose it.


The world is shaking with fear.

Yet, the soul keeps flying.

We want to make the birds jealous of our flight.


You are the arrow of,

“The distance remaining is only two bows’ length, even shorter.*”

Stretch your bow, because the time has come to make a shield for the soul.


When this fire spreads, a cry erupts from the world.

Give this fire to us.

Give us this fire so we can be burned and melt away.

*…shorter  Quran LIII, 9.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 15, Ghazal 19, verses 183-187, page 39.

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