Suffering and the Cure (7/1/18)

Suffering and the Cure (7/1/18)

Who is the one who is not a servant, a slave of Your order?

Who is the one who is not drunk after seeing Your face?


Show me someone who is in trouble whose trouble is not Yours.

Or, show me a joy which has been created without Your hope.


Show me a stingy one whose hand has been closed by anyone but You.

Show me some kind one who does favors without Your wealth.


Where is a ruby lip that is not from Your mine?

Where is a great one who is not Your poor?


Your epithets have merged with souls.

There is not even one vessel that pulsates or stops pulsating without Your order.


Those two worlds are like two hands.

You are like the soul.

What could hands give besides Your favor, Your generosity?


Whose eyes have seen any flower move in this garden of existence

without the air of Your wind?


The ignorant cry because of the crulty, the meanness of people.

Yet, people are like sticks for You.


All those sticks keep moving because of You.

Every one of them is the suffering and the cure that You give.


A student must submit to the demands of the teacher.

Who is not under the control of Your fate and divine judgment?


A stick hurts another one as if it were a dog.

Where is intelligence in the head of a dog to understand Your cruelty?


The only way to avoid people’s calamities,

to get rid of the trouble which comes to a body

is to beg You, to praise You.


Even if someone breaks one stick, there are many other sticks.

You cannot be saved by removing two or three of them.


The one who becomes a friend to fish* escapes from the troubles of people.

But, where could that friend escape to that is not a place of Yours?


Enough. Be silent.

Be afraid of the misfortune of Jonah.

It is not your problem to fight against fate and destiny.

*Quran XXI, 87-88; XXXVII, 139, 148.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 11, Gazel 27, Verses 361-375, Pages 58-60.

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