Today is a Day of Joy (8/23/2020)

Today is a Day of Joy (8/23/2020)

Come. Today is a day of celebration for us.

From now on, joy and pleasure will keep growing.


Clap your hands and say, “Today is a day of joy.

A beautiful day becomes apparent right at its beginning.


Who in this universe is like our Beloved?

Who has ever seen a celebration like Him

in any of the centuries and centuries?


The Earth and sky are filled with sugar.

Sugar is being scattered everywhere.


The sound of the waves which scatter pearls has come.

The Earth is full of waves, but, the sea is hidden, unseen.


Mohammed has come back from Mirac.*

Jesus has descended from the fourth level of the sky.


Any money which is not from here is counterfeit.

The wine not offered from the soul’s glass is nothing but dirt.


What a nice assembly it is!

Fortune has become the cupbearer.

Juneyd** and Beyazid*** are our friends


I was like a drunk to be submitted to someone.

I didn’t know that God had been surrendered to me.


I have just lain down, stretched out my legs and fallen asleep,

because I can see that my fortune has drunk wine and is drunk.

*Mirac  Place of ascent.

**Juneyd  One of the first great Sufis. (d. 910 C.E.)

***Beyazid  A renowned Melometi Sufi (d. 874-875 C.E.)

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 17, Ghazal 27, verses 292-301, pages 47-48.

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