Where is His Roof? (8/9/2020)

“Where is His Roof?” (8/9/2020)

Come, O One who gives new life to the world.

Stop the workings of this smart mind.


I am like an arrow.

I cannot fly unless You throw me.

Come and set Your bow once more.


Thanks to Your Love, the cup has fallen from the roof,

and hidden things have become obvious.

Send the ladder from the roof again.


They ask me, “Where is His roof?”

It is on the side from where the soul comes.


It is on the side where the soul goes every night.

It is on the side from where they return the soul every morning.

That is where it is.


From that place where Spring comes to the Earth,

from that place where morning gives new light to the sky,

it is there.


Where a staff becomes a dragon

and leads the people who followed the Pharaoh to hell,

that is where it is.


This desire to search comes from inside of you.

The trace looks for a trace.


O smart mind, you resemble the type of man who rides a donkey

and asks everyone the where-abouts of the donkey.


Be silent.

Because of His jealousy, He doesn’t allow everyone

to dive into that sea.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 17, Ghazal 3, verses 29-38. pages 5-6.

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