Who Has Seen… (11/3/19)

Who Has… (11/3/19)

Who has seen a trace of that charmer?

In whose house is that full moon hidden?


Who has seen without eyes His Beauty?

Who has seen that world beyond this one?


Show me the One with the bow

who throws arrows at the soul.


There is a beauty on every corner.

But, look at the One who has that charm.


Soul is the only One who knows who has soul.

The appearance of people is nothing but shape and image.


They are all poor ones who gather ears of corn.

Whose hand is the one which scatters pearls?


The world is a hook.

What is it hooked on? It doesn’t even know.

Where is the one who has information about the mine?


What a glorious time is the time of Shems of Tebriz!

And, guess who has the destiny to be in that time!

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 14, Ghazal #229, verses 2589-2596, pages 203-204.

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