“Why Don’t You Come, Too?” (9/8/19)

“Why Don’t You Come, Too?” (9/8/19)

“O heart,” I said, “why are you like this?

How long will you be hanging around Love?


My heart answered, “Why don’t you come, too?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you came and tasted the pleasure of Love?


“If you knew the fountain of life,

you wouldn’t choose anything except Love’s fire.”


O one who for charm has turned into wind

and who, like a glass, is filled with wine,


You are the source of forms, like water.

You manifest them all.

Like a mirror, you are in control of Beauty.


Every ordinary soul who doesn’t understand Love

knows you through your appearance, sees you as a form.


It seems like you are on the Earth.

But, you are the essence of the sky.


O one who has been crushed into powder,

‘you are the salve for the eyes of faith.


O ruby, which mine are you from?

You are a beautiful. Place yourself in the ring.


If you are filled with hatred like a sword,

thousands of mercies will be ashamed of you.


O Shems of Tebriz, you are not only beautiful.

You are a great helper in the world of meaning.

Divan-i Kebir Volume 14, Ghazal 200, verses 2217-2227, pages 1456-147.

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