Your Only Dress can be the Light of the Heart (5/23/2021)

Your Only Dress Can Be the Light of the Heart (5/23/2021)

You are such a moon that You don’t fit in the sky.

You are such water that You cannot be contained in a river.


You are such a pearl that You exceed the oceans.

You are such a mountain that You cannot fit in any valley.


How can I bewitch You, O Sultan of Genies?*

You cannot fit in a bottle and be brought out by a spell.


You are Leyla,* but even with the help of God,

You cannot fit in the mind of Mecnun.


You are such a sun that You cannot fit in satin or silk.

Your only dress can be the light of the heart.


You are such a sweet healing fruit that there is not such a one in Kaanun.**

Never mind Kaanun. You don’t even fit in Zahire.***


The enemy keeps asking, “How could that be?”

But, you cannot fit in how or why either.


You were a small baby inside the belly of this world.

You were comfortable there.

But, You are grown now.

You cannot fit in this world.


Don’t let these words be heard by the people.

Be silent.

Not every ear is big enough to contain You.

*Refers to the Persian love story of Leyla and Mecnun.

**The name of a medical book of ibn Sina. (d.1036).

***The name of the 12 volumes of medical books of Zeymuddin Ismail Curcami, Zahire-i Harezm Shah. (d.1135).

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 19, Ghazal 220, verses 2244-2253, pages 34-35.

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