Who Is It? (5/3/2020)

Who Is It? (5/3/2020)

Who is it that gives taste and charm to color and shape?

When He hides, form becomes like a child of the devil.


When He reflects on shape, the world turns upside down with Love.

But, when He is concealed, sorrow lands and joy can no longer be seen in any form.


If He is the soul, why are some people’s souls so heavy?

And, what about other souls which blow form around in the wind like fire?


If He, full of skills and talent, is the mind,

then why does the mind become the enemy of form?

It is by the order of the mind that forms are pulled away from their source.


How does a crooked mind know His blessings?

Don’t even bother asking that mind.

His knowledge and goodness are what rules form.


What kindness! What brilliance!

He is very near and, at the same time, far away.

He is wide open and, at the same time, secret.

He keeps making forms submissive to Himself.


He changes the world into a tent and changes bodies into soul just for trial.

He has made form a master filled with Love.


I walked around Tebriz and asked for Shemseddin.

I have learned these secrets from Him.

He is the one who invents form.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 15, Ghazal 9, verses 74-81, pages 17-18.

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