Absence Is for Heroes (11/12/17)

Absence Is for Heroes (11/12/17)

Once more, we have given up our heart, mind and soul.

The Beloved has come. We will stay out of the way.


We have turned our back on existence.  Our direction is Absence.

We have found the One whose trace is unseen.

We have given up the trace.


We have raised dust from the sea and passed through the nine levels of the sky.

We have given up the sky, the Earth, and time.


Drunks have just arrived. Get out of the way!

No, no. I said that incorrectly; we have given up the road and its passengers.


The fire of the soul has left the body of the Earth and gone up to the heights.

A cry has come out of our heart. We have ascended.


We should talk very little, even though few will understand why.

You keep offering that wine.

We are long gone with our friends.


Existence is for cowards. Absence is for heroes.

Thank God we are submerged in Nothingness like brave ones and heroes.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 8a, Gazel 119, Verses 1021-1027, Pages 217-218.


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