Choose Fire (2/19/2023)

Choose Fire (2/19/2023)

O one who has been check mated in the game of stars,

choose a horse. Ride toward the King.

Don’t bother with the vizier.


Raise and tilt your hat to the side.

Get rid of all your debts.

Kiss the cheek of Soul.

Start combing the hair of joy.


There are two cups.

One is filled with gold; the other is fire.

Choose fire. Touch it.


Be Abraham. Don’t look at the gold.

Make your lips and mouth the home for the flames.


An attacking lion should be a model for you.

Make the enemy’s skull into a bowl.

Drink his blood like wine.


Cupbearer, your job is to get rid of duality.

Come, come. Give me that glass of Oneness.

Eliminate the differences.

Eliminate separation.


There are six sides in this country.

Don’t make anything here the direction of your prayers.

The direction of prayer is the Land of Absence.

Go. Make your nest there.


Time is like a thrift shop.

Don’t search for immortality there.

Look for the pasture if immortality beyond time.


You resemble an ear of corn.

Your soul is wheat. Your body is straw.

If you are not a donkey, why do you graze?

Turn your fact to the Essence.


Words are the doorknockers; they always remain on the outside.

Don’t be like a doorknocker.

Break the door. Get inside.

Walk towards Soul.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 21, Ghazal 48, verses 495-496, 499-506, pages 99-101.

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