Dive for the Pearls (1/10/16)

Dive for the Pearls (1-10-16)
Dive for the Pearls (1/10/16)

O stone-hearted one, turn the soul into a sea full of pearls.

O, the hair of the Beloved looks like night;

Create dawn in the middle of the night.

Tune the harp that is played by the heart and soul with Love.

Fill the silent reed with sugar from the Love of that sweet Beauty.


You have hundreds of thousands of pearls in Your ears and eyes.

Give a handful of them to the deaf and blind.


Souls have been going different ways, but are far from reaching their goal.

O One who is the answer for souls, teach them a new way.


The wings of birds in the water and the air have gotten stuck in the mud.

O huma bird, fly.1


Go like the devil. Run around the world. Find the Beloved.

Turn your heart into gold in front of His silvery heart.

Become pale, tired in your efforts to reach HIm.


Signs and orders are coming to you from everywhere.

Stop asking “why” and “how.” Walk together with that hot-tempered Beauty.

Beg when He gets more difficult.


Your soul is like the feet of an ant.

Take it as a gift to His temple and wait on every corner

Where the army of Solomon passes.


The sea is salty, bitter water, but there are pearls at the bottom.

Pass through the salty water and dive for the pearls.


There is a kind of snake that has an antidote in its head.

If you want to get it, pass through the poison.


If you are looking for the tree of Tuba,2

Here is God’s Shems of Tebriz.

If you are looking for eternal pleasure, joy, or life,

Sit in the shade of this tree.

1.Lengendary bird.  When it casts its shadow on someone, they turn into a sultan.

2. Legnendary tree which covers the universe.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 2, Gazel 77, Verses 2820-32, Pages 156-47


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