From the Sun of Soul (5/21/2023)

From the Sun of Soul (5/21/2023)

What is it that is attracting me to Him in every breath?

It is not ambergris. It is not musk.

It is His fragrance, His fragrance.


There is a priceless chain, an enemy of repentance

which made me break my vow.

But, who am I?

He is the One who throws stones.

This broken vase is still His.


How can anyone repent in front of such a Beauty?

He breaks everyone to pieces.

It is His custom to shear away all curtains

and to snatch hearts.


My repentance is because of Him.

He is the one who broke my vow.

Once I saw His face,

all of my penitence and guilt disappeared.


Reason and the soul’s tree and its branches

are all in His garden.

The Water of Immortality flows through His stream.


Love and the joy of Divine Wine are all from Him.

His cheers come from everywhere.


There is a conceited one who sits at the top, like a pumpkin.

But, until he empties himself completely of his existence,

his pumpkin will never be filled.


All of these shadows, big and small,

all of their motions

come from the Sun of Soul.


His is the light. He is the shadow.

He is the One who contracts.

He is the One who expands.

The light is the reflection of His face.

The shadow is His hair.


O soul’s Sun, O soul’s Moon, lift this curtain

so that the sky will also tear away seven layers of curtains.


Whatever I have in my being besides You

is nothing but a burden to me.

O Beautiful One, in front of Your Essence,

every self is annihilated.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 21, Ghazal 73, verses 803-813, pages 162-163.

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