Have You Ever…? (6/14/2020)

Have You Ever…? (6/14/2020)

Have you ever known a wine which has no hangover?

Have you ever picked a rose which has no thorns?


Have you ever seen a spring

in the rose garden of this muddy world

which has no autumn?


When sorrow comes your way, run. Return to God.

Have you ever met anyone

who listens to troubles better than God?


Do God’s work. Carry God’s load.

Have you ever seen anyone

who has the same work or actions?


Have you ever met a heart

which has become a dustless, dirtless mirror for manifestation

without the polish of His compassion?


Have you ever seen any image which doesn’t bore the heart

except the image of that Beauty who has no peer?


Tell me, O heart, have you ever seen any joy

which is not mixed with sorrow?


Have you ever seen a safe, secure place to fly

in a clean, pure and orderly world?


Take refuge in that safe cave, like the dog of Ashab-i Kehf.*

Since you have seen a hunter, hide in that cave.


Close your lips and heed the warnings.

Open your eyes to belief.


If the evil eye harms you,

Shams of Tebriz will hold your hand.

*Ashab-i Kehf  Legend of a cave where people and dogs slept, hidden, for many years.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 9, Ghazal 157, verses 1593-1603 pages 240-241.

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