I Am Out of My Self (1/24/16)

i Am Out of My Self (1-24-16)
i Am Out of My Self (1-24-16)

I want to boil the kettle of the soul, spread bloody foam.

I want to say the words of the two universes in one breath, in one effort.


I am out of my self.  I have become a slave of Love.

I want to make all the universe go out of itself.


I twist the rope girdle around the neck of that despicable self.

The self says, “When I scream, I will be free and fly away.”


But, how can he be free?

I will pull in such a way that he will turn all around the world.

His smoke-colored soul will be engulfed in fire.


I will snatch the veil from the face of the bride of soul.

I will snatch away the wealth and property of the ones who are the leaders of Love.


I will make this earth a harp of Love.

I will make three hundred languages out of this mute harp.


Shems of Tebriz has stretched such a bow in the land of Love

That when I let go, not only the arrow, but the bowstring will fly away.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 2, Gazel 61, Verses 2674-2680, Pages 116-117

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