I Have No Constancy, No Peace (6/30/19)

I Have No Constancy, No Peace (6/30/19)

He said, “I am the fire which burns you.”

I answered, “Yes, but Your Love and Your sun are in my heart.


“If I smell one rose without Your Love,

burn me right away like a thorn.”


I keep silent like a fish, but I flutter like a wave, like a sea.

I have no constancy, no peace.


O One who seals my mouth,

pull my reins towards You.


What is Your intention? How can I know it?

All I do know is that I belong to this caravan.


I chew the cud of Your sorrow.

My mouth foams like a drunk camel’s.


As much as i hide and keep silent,

I am still bare and open in the temple of Love.


I am underground, like a seed,

awaiting the order of spring.


When spring comes,

I will breathe without my breath and scratch my head without my head.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 14, Gazel 133, verses 1480-1488, page 31.

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