I Will Be Free (2/5/2023)

I Will Be Free (2/5/2023)

A letter came for me from the other world.

It said, “Get ready for return.

Carry all your belongings to the sky.”


The One who sent it said, “Hear the order of ‘Return.’

Come back to your own town.”

I answered, “Ever since I arrived here,

I have known I was a guest. My heart has always been with You.


“I have never forgotten that meadow or reed field.

I am already there with all of the others.


“This weather has become dangerous,

even for Your bird of prey.

My body is like a pigeon. My wings are tied.”


“Don’t worry,” He said. “You will fly safely, with peace,

because the soul of the harem pigeon* is constantly with peace.


The one who carries Our protection’s warrant under his caftan

will find respect and provision on the sea and on the ground.


Noah live safely among the enemies for a thousand years,

because Our protection was holding his hands.

In the end, he prevailed.


There are thousands like him

who receive new help from Our door every moment.


Moses was not scared of the water.

“I will split the water,” he said.

Abraham was not scared of the fire.

“I am gold,” he said.


The greatest of greats Mohammed said,

“I could split the Moon in the sky,

because I am a far greater moon than the one in the sky.”


Jesus brought the dead to life with his gaze

without ever opening a medical book.


I long to get out of this form

and go next to the Sultan of Sultans.

In fact, I am bright because of His light.

I have been dressed in this shape by His hands.


O brother, don’t ever say about me,

“He died. He is gone.”

Even if I don’t appear to you,

I am present in the row of Souls.


My name flies all around the world

like the morning breeze.

My fragrance spreads ambergris,

because my soul has turned into ambergris.


I will be settled with the Beauties of the rose garden.

I will be free from the well as well as the rope,

because I am no longer fitted with hooks.


There are two meanings for every word.

Yet, leave this alone.

*Harem pigeon  Hunting is forbidden a certain distance from the Kaa’ba.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 21, Terci-Bend 40, 1st section, verses 383-397, pages 79-81.


  1. Dale McDermit says:

    I especially enjoyed I Will Be Free, having received the same letter, and although, completely mystified by a row of Souls, am happy to return to the essence of their potentiality… oh perhaps there is no going up and down in the bucket at all, in this state of no hooks, perhaps there is no leaving or returning perhaps I am free like fragrance…bless you for sharing this

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