If… (10/9/2022)

If you were familiar with the wisdom of the Tavern,

worldly knowledge, worldly skills

would mean nothing to you.


If the bird of Nothingness were to cast a shadow on you,

to your eye, the Semurgh* of the world

would seem like a fly.


If you were to hear the clamor of the real Sultan,

the drums of the sultan

would sound like tiny bells to you.


If the morning of Glory were to shine upon you,

your robe and beard wouldn’t be in the hand of the watchman.


If the One ahead of you were to help you,

your heart would be emptied of the burden you carry.


If the ear of your soul is not deaf, hear everything in reverse,

because in the book of Love,

a single alphabet is enough.


He said, “If that stupid one were smart,

he would see the returning ones.

They have all died.

None of them will come back.”


The flame of your soul trembles in front of the wind of death.

If you had your share of immortality,

it wouldn’t tremble like that.


If your bad character were not a friend of bad people,

that temporary juice wouldn’t taste so good.


Be silent.

All these things take time.

If there is enough time,

worlds and screams will come to help you.

*Semurgh  The king of the birds.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 20, ghazal 66, verses 720-730, pages 137-138.

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