It Brings Guilt (10/24/2021)

It Brings Guilt (10/24/2021)

Your greatness cannot be contained in souls.

You are beyond comprehension and imagination.


My mind doesn’t understand without You.

My hand doesn’t reach anywhere

if You are not in my arms and wings.


It is a big favor to grant our wishes.

In fact, it is from You

that we are even able to make wishes.


We ask You for health and happiness.

We ask You to relieve illnesses and sorrows,

ask that our souls be able to ascend

and become happy and healthy.


We ask You to relieve us from burden,

to take some of the load off our backs.


Those wishes make us incongruous.

Those wishes are ill-advised.

You kindly beautify all our manners.


You inspire us with the correct prayer,

so we stand under its shadow.


If You don’t accept our prayer,

we won’t be able to benefit from Your favors


Isn’t a handful of soil enough

for the palm opened to God

who is beyond any peer and example?


There is pleasure in Your grief

for the heart which has been purified

like clean, pure water.


I have words about Your favors in my heart.

I have been hiding them

not because of boredom, but because of jealousy.


There are screams of excitement in my heart.

I can hardly keep them silent.


I have finished with saying words.

God knows better.

It brings guilt for me to be lean in Love.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 19, Ghazal 292, verses 3090-3102 , pages 174-175

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