Love is Only for the Small (5/7/2023)

Love is Only for the Small (5/7/2023)

O moon-faced One,

how long will you stay away?

How long will you be wandering around?

It doesn’t matter if one is an idol or shaman;

we are all Your prey.


Every moment, You offer a different excuse,

Every moment, You display thousands of gifts from Absence.


Although my house is crowded, Your place is still my heart.

Loyalty comes from a believer’s faith and compassion.


I have so much guilt, but i am not Your enemy.

O my Sultan, how could anyone become

the enemy of his own soul?


O Love’s player, come! Don’t be lazy.

Tell stories about His Beauty.

Sing the songs of lovers.


Separation from Him is like a deep well.

Remembering Him is like a rope.

Joseph also grabbed the rope at the bottom of the well.


Search for the taste in sugar cane.

Don’t chew dry wood.

Look for salvation from His Beauty,

not from the earthly beauty of some ordinary man.


Submit your will, then make a wish.

Surely, your wish will come true.

If you are like Taif’s leather,

the Star of Canopus will rise from Yemen.


When His sun shines and starts giving sustenance,

look around you.

Watch every particle;

they all have light in their mouths.


That beautiful rose was given more sustenance.

Some also fell into the mouth of the jasmine.


He gives long life and intelligence.

He also gives beauty, charm and greatness.


Wealth and property belong to big ones.

Love is only for the small.

The aggressor has the sword.

Kindness has the shield.


Every night, someone’s lips touch God’s honey,

just like a man who has four wives.


For me, as long as I live, my sugar cane is Love.

When I die, my shroud is Love.


I am fond of wine. Don’t make me sober.

Keep serving that wine.

I am a tiny, lean, nursing baby.

Don’t wean me.


When I am grieved by sorrow,

Love keeps me company, becomes a friend and relative to me.

If sorrow and grief are the dragon,

Love is the emerald.


I said to my heart,

“If the gloom of sorrow blocks your way,

I’ll bring wine, a candle and a beautiful cupbearer to you.”


My heart answered,

“If you bring any candle besides Him,

any cupbearer besides Him,

go ahead and throw that candle at the roof above the door.

Throw the cupbearer, cup and wine there, too.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 21, Ghazal 65, verses 706-723, pages 142-144.

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