“May It Do You Good” (12/26/2021)

I saw Absence in my dream last night.

I was amazed by His beauty.

I became bewildered.


I was out of my self until early dawn

because of the Beauty, maturity and kindness of Absence.


I compared Absence to a ruby mine.

I dressed in a satin of its color.


I heard the sound of lovers.

I listened to their voices saying,

“May it do you good.”


I saw a circle

which had become drunk with  Absence.

Then, I saw that circle become like an earring on my ear.


I saw forms in the light of Absence.

I saw the Soul of souls on His face.


When I saw that rough sea,

my soul became exalted with a hundred kinds of excitement.


Hundreds of thousands of screams and yells

came from the sky.

I would become a slave, a servant to such a messenger.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 9, Ghazal 106, verses 11a6-1113, pager 166.

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