How Could I? (5/28/2023)

How Could I? (5/28/2023)

You are in my eyes.

If this were not so, how could I see You?

You are in my mind.

If this were not so, how could I be an insane lover?

There is a wondrous place, although I don’t know where it is.

But, if there were not that place, how could I be there?

Rubailer (2016), Rubai 1, page 460.

The Rubaiyat of Rumi, The Ergin Translations (, Rubai 985, Volume 3.

There Are Rose Gardens for Lovers (9/3/17)

The Rose Garden Inside of You (9/3/17)

There are rose gardens for lovers inside of those bloody fences.

There are so many other businesses for lovers thanks to the absolute beauty of Love.


The mind says, “There are six dimensions to the world of existence.

There is no road beyond those boundaries.”

Yet Love says, “Yes, there is. I have been back and forth many times. Continue reading “There Are Rose Gardens for Lovers (9/3/17)”