There Are Rose Gardens for Lovers (9/3/17)

The Rose Garden Inside of You (9/3/17)

There are rose gardens for lovers inside of those bloody fences.

There are so many other businesses for lovers thanks to the absolute beauty of Love.


The mind says, “There are six dimensions to the world of existence.

There is no road beyond those boundaries.”

Yet Love says, “Yes, there is. I have been back and forth many times.


The mind sees only one bazaar and starts shopping there.

But, Love has seen so many bazaars besides the one seen by the mind.


Oh, for the good old days!

How many Mansurs* have left the pulpit and been raised on the gallows,

believing in the Soul of Love?


Lovers who drink wine have pleasures in their inner world.

The minds whose hearts are dark have denials in theirs.

The mind is nothing but a step in Absence.

The mind says, “There are only thorns in the Land of Absence.”

But Love says, “The thorns are not there. They are inside of you.”


Come to your senses. Be silent.

Remove the thorns of existence from your feet.

Remove them, so you can see the rose garden inside of you.


O Shams of Tebriz, You are the sun under the cloud of words.

Once your sun rises, words are scattered, disappear.

*Mansur  [Hallaj Mansur]  A famous Sufi who was killed in 922 C.E. because of his beliefs.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 8a, Gazel 4, Verses 31-38, Pages 7-8.

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